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EVERGREEN POWER LIMITED (EPL) is Asia's leading supplier of solar power and lighting systems based in Hong Kong. We specialise in delivering cost-effective green energy to our partners and customers. Over the years, we have acquired strong technical expertise and experience, working closely with agencies and solar distributors in Asia, Europe and Africa. With thousands of systems sold and installed and no outstanding warranty claim, EPL is your valued solar partner.
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18/08/2010 Projects:Integrated Plug and Plug Solar Power System for Lake
Silver, HK
18/08/2010 News: EPL successfully installed plug and play solar power system at Lake Silver Residence for MTR PropoCorporation
01/06/2010 Products: EPL launches LED Indoor Lighting
24/05/2010 Products: EPL launches Solar LED
Street Lights
30/04/2010 Projects: Commercial Solar Power
System for MTR Corporation, HK
13/04/2010 News: EPL Completes Turnkey Off-
grid Solar Power System for
International Finance Centre 2 in
Hong Kong, Asia
28/03/2010 Projects: Solar Water Heating
System + Solar Power System at
Outlaying Island, HK
21/02/2010 Projects: Solar Water Heating
System at Outlaying Island, HK
  EPL Solar Home Power
System makes it possible
for home ...   
  EPL Outdoor and Emergency Lighting 
provides ...  
  EPL has teamed up with Hong Kong LED Research
Inc, to develop…
  EPL Solar Street Lighting is one of the most        
practical ...   
  EPL Solar Water Heater is a clean, cost effective     
solution that ... 
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