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EPL Solar Power System
  AC/DC Power Box Series
  Premier Series EPL-1500W
EPL-1500W Power System is designed as a full-time residential off-grid power system to represent state-of-the-art photovoltaic energy. The system comes with an inverter and two factory-matched solar charge controllers to deliver clean reliable power all day.
    TUV certified 8 x 150W crystalline PV module
    Stecca 35A solar charge controller
    8 x 200Ah, 12V deep cycle solar battery
    2500W modified sine wave power inverter
*    Adjustable module support - available as option
    Integrated LCD display showing stage of charge, battery voltage
    Completely off the grid for uninterrupted power supply
    No need for trenches
    Simple installation
    Modular - system can be expanded as required
    12 months warranty on components and 20 years on modules

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