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EPL Solar Power System
AC/DC Power Box Series
  Power Series EPL-600W
EPL-600W Power System is designed specifically for large summer houses or for year round residences. The system is powered by four high efficiency 150Watts solar modules delivering up to 600watts of energy. The modules are factory-matched with high powered 35A Stecca regulator which is approved by World Bank for re-building projects in Nepal.
    TUV certified 4 x 150W crystalline PV module
    Stecca 35A solar charge controller
    4 x 200Ah, 12V deep cycle solar battery
    2500W modified sine wave power inverter
*    Adjustable module support - available as option
    Integrated LCD display showing stage of charge, battery voltage
    Completely off the grid for uninterrupted power supply
    No need for trenches
    Simple installation
    Modular - system can be expanded as required
    12 months warranty on components and 20 years on modules
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