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EPL Solar Power System
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Econ Series EPL-80W
  The EPL-80W Power System is an excellent choice for first-time users of solar electricity. This system will provide enough power to operate lighting and small appliances at home or weekend cottage. Very popular in many developing regions where electricity is not available, this low-cost, highly reliable system provides all you need to generate free electricity. The 80W system comes with durable combiner power box with pre-configured AC/DC socket outlets for easy plug and play. This system is very well received in many developing markets for small communities.
    TUV certified 80W crystalline PV module
    10A solar charge controller
    100Ah, 12V deep cycle solar battery
    500W modified sine wave power inverter
    Industrial-grade power box with sockets
*    Adjustable module support - available as option
    Completely off the grid for uninterrupted power supply
    No need for trenches
    Simple installation - comes 90% factory assembled
    Modular - system can be expanded as required
    12 months warranty on components
    20 years warranty on modules
  To make it easy for daily use, we have custom designed a combiner box made from 4 to 10mm industrial grade steel with powder-coated protection to house all the electrical components and keep all wirings safely away from unwanted attention. All input and output sockets are clearly designed on the control panel of the box for simple plug-and-play operation.
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