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EPL Solar Power System
  System Sizing

All EPL Home Power Systems come complete with Solar Module, Charge Controller, Batteries and DC-AC Inverter. Support frames for ground/ roof mounting and battery racking are available as options.

Choosing a Solar Home Power System Kit
To help you select the right system, you can follow the simple steps below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your dealer or EPL. We will be pleased to help.

  Step 1:
List down what type of electrical appliances you would like to power with your solar system (e.g. light) in Column A. Write down the total number of units (e.g. 3 lamps) in Column B. Write down the rated power of the appliance (e.g. lamp = 11W; radio = 5W) in Column C. If you are unsure of the power rating, check your manual.

Step 2:
Write down the estimated daily running time for each appliance, in this case the lighting (e.g. 3 hrs) in Column D. If you are using a fridge or a freezer, simply write down its daily energy consumption in Column E, e.g. 200Wh.

Step 3:
For each appliance, multiply Columns B, C and D for each line and input the result in Column E (Daily discharge), e.g. the daily energy consumption for 3 light bulbs of 11W each is 3 units x 11W x 3hrs = 66Wh.

Step 4:
Finally, add up the results of Columns E. The total at the end represents your total energy needs for the appliances selected (e.g. 66Wh + 10Wh + 200Wh + 300Wh = 576Wh).
  In this case, choose EPL-300W with daily output of 998Wh
  Sample calculation to determine the right system:
A B   C   D   E
Appliances No. of Unit
× Power Rating
× Running Timeper day
= Daily discharge
Light 3 × 11 × 3 = 66
Radio 1 × 5 × 2 = 10
Television - × - × - = -
Refrigerator 1 × - × 24 = 200
Water Pump 1 × 100 × 3 = 300
Fan - × -   - = -
Total Daily Discharge (Wh)   576
  Systems That Meet Your Needs
  To meet your different energy needs, we have designed a wide range of Solar Home Power Systems - from small systems for producing enough power to illuminate domestic work after sundown to larger-sized systems for higher energy demand.
System EPL-80W EPL-150W EPL-300W EPL-600W EPL-900W EPL-1500W
Panel 80W x 1 150W x 1 150W x 2 150W x 4 150W x 6 150W x 10
Configuration C12-10A C12-10A C45-30A xStecca 35A Stecca 35A Stecca 35A
Controller Modified Modified Modified Modified Pure Pure
Inverter Sine-wave Sine-wave Sine-wave Sine-wave Sine-wave Sine-wave
Battery size 500W 750VA 2000VA 2000VA 2400VA 2400VA
Total daily
energy (1)
12V/100Ah 12V/100Ah 4 units x 12V/150Ah 4 units x 12V/200Ah 8 units x 12V/200Ah 8 units x 12V/200Ah
Lamp (11W)





Radio (5W)
x 4.5hrs

x 5hrs

x 5hrs

x 5hrs

x 7hrs

x 8hrs
Television (40W)
x 3.5hrs

x 5hrs

x 5hrs

x 5hrs

x 6hrs

x 6hrs

Computer (50W)
x 2hrs

x 2hrs

x 4hrs

x 7hrs

x 8hrs

x 10hrs
  Energy yield in Watt-hours (Wh) on a sunny day.
Reference locations: Thailand, The Philippines, Mombasa (5.2 kWh/m2/day)
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