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2010 LED Indoor Lighting
  In recent years LED technology is advancing at a phenomenal pace. The luminous efficiency of LED continues to scale new heights and is fast replacing traditional light source in many applications. LED is widely used in indoor lighting due to the improvements in aesthetics, realism and natural lighting effects. Under the same luminance, the energy consumption of an LED tube is only 1/10 of an incandescent tube and 1/2 of a fluorescent CFL tube. Evergreen Power Limited (EPL) has proudly teamed up with Hong Kong LED Research Inc. to develop top-of-the-line LED tubes with an outstanding energy-saving capability. The result is a compact, beautiful, natural and cost effective LED series with colour temperatures ranging from 5500K to 6500K.
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    Operating Environment: -20°C~ 40°C
    Wide range of operating voltages between 110V and 230V AC
    Wide applications from office to warehouse to supermarket
    Beamed light, better illumination, effective light output
    DC current driver ensures no jumpy frequency
    No Hertzian waves disturbance ensures consistent light output
    Wide range of color temperatures ranging from 5500K to 6500K available - close to nature light
    Non-nocuous substance - ROHS approved
    Durable and easy mounting
    Proven technology with lab tested lifespan of 40,000 hours
    Energy saving
    Zero mercury - no potential Mg contamination, unlike CFL tubes
    High return on initial investment

       Comparison between Conventional CFL and LED Tube
  Fluorescent CFL tube LED Tube
Power   58W 30W equivalent
CRI Index   RA <65 RA>80
Lifetime   Approx. 6,000hrs Tested 30,000hrs
Light Decay Rate   1000hrs: 3.2%
2000hrs: 8.6%
1000hrs: 0%
5000hrs: 3%
Environmental Pollution   Mercury 10-20mg Zero Mercury
Radiation   Ultraviolet Radiation No UV radiation
Response time   Light slowly (3-5secs) Instant
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