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  13/04/2010 (HK) -- Evergreen Power Limited (EPL) Asia’s leading solar power, heating and lighting company, today announce the successful completion of a 1,000.00-watt off-grid solar power system for MTR Corporation. The stand-alone solar power system is installed at Hong Kong’s tallest building - International Finance Centre (IFC2).

The newly installed stand-alone solar power system uses high-efficiency mono-crystalline solar modules designed with back-up battery bank, solar charge controller and advanced DC-AC inverter to convert sunlight into useful solar energy. This is used to power a lighting feature located at the northeast corner of the building podium. The steady-state charge controller prevents the system from over-charging and automatically shuts off when it detects over-discharged current. The system is designed to provide up to 5,500WH of energy daily and can provide continuous uninterrupted operation for up to three days. With well-designed and matching components, the system can provide many years of free energy for the user.

As one of the market leaders in the solar industry in Asia, EPL has vast experience in the design and installation of solar street lightings, power systems and solar water heating solutions for both private and commercial properties, both in Hong Kong and overseas.

About Evergreen Power Limited:

EVERGREEN POWER LIMITED (EPL) is Asia's leading supplier of solar power and lighting systems based in Hong Kong. We specialise in delivering cost-effective green energy to our partners and customers. Over the years, we have acquired strong technical expertise and experience, working closely with agencies and solar distributors in Asia, Europe and Africa. We do so by appreciating our clients' needs to develop close relationships based on mutual trust and partnership. We pride ourselves in exercising strict quality assurance on every product we deliver - regardless of scale. With thousands of systems sold and installed and no outstanding warranty claim, EPL is your valued solar partner.

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