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EPL Pressurized Solar Hot Water System
EPL Non-pressurized Solar Hot Water System
  Non-Pressurized Solar Water Heating System
  The simplest systems are the non-pressurized or passive solar water heaters. They are most commonly used in Asia and Africa regions which do not experience extensive periods of below freezing temperatures. The water in these solar collectors circulates without the aid of pumps or controls.

When the sun shines on the collector panels, heat is absorbed by the water in the collector. As the water heats up, it starts to rise up the pipes, in the same way that hot air rises. When it gets to the top of the collector panel, it flows out of the panel and back into the storage tank. Colder water from the bottom of the tank then flows down to the bottom of the collector panels. Water continues to cycle through the system, and on sunny days can easily exceed the temperature required for home hot water.
  Available in stainless steel and galvanized steel models
Tubes length available for 1500mm and 1800mm as standard
    Easy to install – no electricity required – no more bills
    Internationally certified solar thermal system - Solar Mark and
     TUV-approved models
    Reliable and efficient with adjustable frame height suitable for
     all roof angles
    Factory tested to work in varied angles from 25 to 65 degrees
    Double wall high quality evacuated tubes – 25mm hail impact rated
    No pump - no mechanical movement – five-year limited warranty
    Works on natural convection currents of hot water
    Double walled insulated SUS-304-2b food grade water tank
    Optional water fill float valve for automatic operation
    Optional digital temperature readout
Model Number
of Tubes
Dimension (mm) Tank Capacity
Tube  Diameter Tube Length Tube
Width Overall
Weight (kg)
(empty tank)
EPL-12-1500 12       701 40.80 80
EPL-15-1500 15       863 48.00 100
EPL-18-1500 18 420 1500 47 1025 55.20 120
EPL-20-1500 20       1133 61.00 130
EPL-24-1500 24       1349 71.60 150
EPL-30-1500 30       1673 85.00 200
EPL-12-1800 12       844 59.00 120
EPL-15-1800 15       1042 69.50 150
EPL-18-1800 18 470 1800 58 1240 82.00 180
EPL-20-1800 20       1372 90.00 200
EPL-24-1800 24       1636 110.50 240
EPL-30-1800 30       2032 137.00 300
  100 litres     1-2 persons
200 litres     3-4 persons
300 litres     5-6 persons
System Controller with clear
LCD display of time, relays, errors
and temperatures
Back-up Electric Heater to
provide constant hot water during cloudy and low sunlight period 1000W~1500W available
System Assistant Tank
to provide automatic operation
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