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Pressurized Solar Water Heating System
Evacuated tube technology delivers significantly better performance than traditional absorbers in the market today. Their advanced design incorporates tubes that consist of 2 layers of borosilicate glass with a vacuum layer between them. This vacuum acts like a thermos flask, retaining up to 97% of the thermal energy, resulting in increased efficiency. The sun’s thermal energy is then transferred to the manifold via the heat pipe located inside each tube.

The small amount of evaporative liquid in each tube is super heated by the sun’s energy and forms a vapour. The vapor rises to the top of each pipe; this heat is then transferred to the water flowing through the manifold. The heated water is then returned to the tank. The cylindrical design of the tubes ensures effective collection of the sun’s thermal energy throughout the day.
    Internationally certified product DIN EN 12975-1/2:2006-06
    Reliable, efficient, twin-glass evacuated tubes
    Copper heat pipes for rapid heat transfer
    Easy plug-in installation and maintenance free
    Suitable for mains pressure water (up to 8 bar/116psi)
    Corrosion resistant silver brazed copper header
    All stainless steel frame (439 grade SS)
    Black or Silver aluminium casing
    Stable solar conversion throughout the day (tubes
     passively track the sun)
    The perfect solar collector for domestic solar water
     heater systems
    Ideal for commercial solar water heating application
Model Number of
Dimensions Tank Capacity
Tube Diameter
Tube Length
Collector Area
EPL-PS-15-1800 15 58 1800 2.8 150
EPL-PS-20-1800 20 58 1800 3.3 200
EPL-PS-25-1800 25 58 1800 4.0 250
EPL-PS-30-1800 30 58 1800 4.8 300
EPL-PS-40-1800 40 58 1800 5.8 400
EPL-PS-50-1800 50 58 1800 6.5 500
     Due to continuous product improvement, product specifications are subject to change without notice ***
Manifold Casing Material
 304 stainless steel or powder coated aluminium
Frame Material  304 stainless steel
Header Pipe Material  C 12200 copper
Insulation  Polyurethane 55mm
Rubber Seals and Rings  UV stabilized high temperature silicone rubber
Optimal Installation Angle  30-70°vertical,0°horizontal
Maximum Operating
 6 bar-85 psi
Pressure Drop  700 pa@3.3L/min for 20 tube manifold (SRCC)  
Optimal Flow Rate  0.1L/min/tube-0.026G/min/tube
Tank Capacity 150L 200L 250L 300L
Overall Tank Height (mm) 890 1100 1560 1750
Weight (w/o heating coil) 23kg 29kg 34kg 42kg
Inner Tank Diameter 480mm
Outer Casing Diameter 610mm
Standard Ports 3/4 - 2 female BPP thread
Temperature Sensor Ports 8mm ID - total 80mm depth
Insulation Material 56mm CFC-free Polyurethane Insulation
Inner Tank Material 4mm SUS304 2B Food Grade Stainless Steel
Outer Tank Casing 0.6mm 304 2B Stainless Steel
Special Aluminium / Zinc  Anodes 20mm x 400mm Zinc Anodes
Maximum Tank Pressure Rating 6 bars
Working Media Temperature -25℃~ +110℃
Power Supply Single Phase 220V/50HZ
Max Output Power 93W
Max Output Water 3.3t/h
Lift 6m
Min Input Pressure +50℃ 0.05 bar
+95℃ 0.3 bar
+110℃ 1.0 bar
Max Environmental Temperature 40 Degree Celsius
Max Working Pressure 6.0bar
Available Working Media Water or Glycol Liquor
Speed Control Three Speed Control
(Length x Breadth x Thickness) 480 x 200 x 154mm
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