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  Project Type: Commercial Solar Power System
Installation date: April 2010
Location: International Finance Centre 2 (IFC2), Hong Kong
Client: MTR Corporation
Solar Off-grid Power System
 Model  EPL-1000W
 Solar Modules  1080Watt High-efficiency Mono Crystalline Solar Modules
 Inverter  1000VA Off grid Pure Sine DC/AC Inverter
 Controller  24V/40A Solar Charge Controller
 Battery System  12V/200Ah Deep Cycle Gel Solar Batteries
 Control Box and Accessories  Fuse Box and Connectors
 Cable  50m DC SWA Cabling
Figure 1:
Location on site at IFC TWO- HK tallest building
Figure 2:
Construction of Customized Module Support
Figure 3:
Installer securing the module
onto the framing support
Figure 4:
High efficiency DC cabling running
through the support
Figure 5:
Close up of the 180W Monocrystalline
Solar Modules
Figure 6:
Close up of the 180W Monocrystalline
Solar Modules (II)
Figure 7:
Custom-built all-weather enclosure
for components and battery bank
Figure 8:
Special weather proof air vent for free ventilation
Figure 9:
Optimized design off grid system
controller and DC-AC inverter
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