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  Project Type: Solar Water Heating System
Installation date: Feb 2010
Location: Outlaying Island, Hong Kong
Split Type Solar Water Heater
 Model  EPL-PS-30-1800
 Number of Evacuated Tubes  30
 Tube Dia. (mm)  58
 Tube Length (mm)   1800
 Collector Area  4.8m2
 Tank Capacity (litres)  300
 Tank Diameter Outer (mm)  620
 Tank Diameter Inner (mm)  542
 Height of Tank (mm)  1530
 Electric Heater Back-up  2500W
Figure 2:
Completed Look of Solar Water Heater
Figure 1:
Tank and Components in Custom Built Compartment
Figure 3:
Back view of Solar Collector with Stainless Steel Frame
Figure 4: Elegant Evacuated 30xGlass Tube Solar Collector
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