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EPL Pressurized Solar Hot Water System
EPL Non-pressurized Solar Hot Water System
  EPL Solar Water Heater is a clean, cost effective solution that uses the sun’s energy to heat your water. The appliance is attractive, safe, and reliable with minimal maintenance required over its long operational life. Our solar water heating systems are backed by a 5-year limited warranty. By choosing to install an EPL Solar Water Heating system in your home, you can also increase the property value of your home and reducing your monthly electricity bills.


Thermosyphion Solar Water Heater relies on the natural circulation of water between the collector and the tank or heat exchanger. As water in the vacuum tubes is heated, it rises naturally into the elevated tank while cooler heavier water in the tank flows down to the bottom of the vacuum tubes, causing circulation throughout the system.

For best results, place the top of the collectors at least one foot (30 cm) below the bottom of the tank. Greater height differential will result in greater flow. Larger pipe, shorter runs, and gentle bends will make for an adequate flow rate.

Evacuated Tube technology delivers significantly better performance than traditional absorbers in the market today. Their advanced design incorporates tubes that consist of 2 layers of borosilicate glass with a vacuum layer between them. This vacuum acts like a thermos flask, retaining up to 97% of the thermal energy, resulting in increased efficiency. The Sun’s thermal energy is then transferred to the manifold via the heat pipe located inside each tube.

The small amount of evaporative liquid in each tube is super heated by the Sun’s energy and forms a vapor.

The vapor rises to the top of each pipe; this heat is then transferred to the water flowing through the manifold. The heated water is then returned to the tank. The cylindrical design of the tubes ensures effective collection of the Sun’s thermal energy throughout the day.
  Key Features Of EPL Solar Water Heating System
    Easy to install – no electricity required - no more bills
    Solar-Mark and TUV-approved models
    Adjustable frame height suitable for all roof angles
    Hail impact resistance (up to 25mm)
    Five-year warranty SUS-304 food-grade water tank
      Water-fill float valve for automatic operation
    Digital temperature readout
    Available in stainless steel and galvanized steel version
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